About Friend-Spot.com

Welcome to Friend-Spot.com, an online community that brings new friends together.

Life is full of constant change, including relocating, relationships, marriage and kids. During each stage, our personal lives change, specifically our friendships.

Any of those who have relocated to a new city whether it be for work or personal reasons, knows what it is like to rebuild your social circle. You spend years searching for and building friendships and when you find yourself in a new city starting from scratch, it can be overwhelming. Friend-Spot.com brings people of the same interest together so that you can rebuild that social circle you once had.

Friend-Spot.com is not only for people new to a city, it is also for individuals and couples who are at new stages in their lives. Single people can agree that once they find themselves in a relationship, it can be difficult to do the same things they used to when they were single and with their single friends. As a part of a relationship, your social activities can change and sometimes it is necessary to make new friends who are at the same stage in their lives. Your social activities could have been going to the bar with your single friends, but while in a relationship your significant other may appreciate other activities including dining out with another couple, a couple’s game night, or millions of other activities. Newly married couples also know that feeling of reaching a new stage in their life while all their other friends are not quite there yet. It can be difficult at times for a married couple to hang out with singles as the social activities preferred can range drastically. Parents with families can also encounter the same obstacles when it comes to social activities and interests. Friend-Spot.com is here to bring people of all stages together with others of similar interests and life stages.

Friend-Spot.com is not only for couples at a new stage in their life, it is also for individuals who are seeking new friends for whatever reason. It could be to meet a new workout partner, a new shopping partner, or maybe even a new friend to walk your dog with.

Whatever your need, Friend-Spot.com is here to bring new friends together.