How did Friend-Spot.com begin?
Friend-Spot.com all began when I got married to a girl from Vancouver, BC. I had been living in Chicago for a few years and she moved out to Chicago just prior to us getting married. As a recently married couple, we were interested in developing relationships with other couples. Unfortunately however, all my friends were still single and her friends were non-existent because she was new to the city. We were eager to meet and hang out with other couples of similar interests but were unsuccessful in finding appropriate methods to do such. We quickly realized that there was a lack of options to meet new couples. After speaking with a lot of other individuals about this topic, we learned that there wasn't just a lack of options for meeting new couples, but new friends in general. Thus, the idea of Friend-Spot.com was born. An online community that allows individuals and couples an outlet to meet other individuals and couples with similar interests.

What makes Friend-Spot.com different from all the other sites?
Friend-Spot.com is NOT a dating site. While we can appreciate the need for online dating sites, there are plenty to choose from already. Friend-Spot.com offers individuals and couples an alternative method to making new friends.

How do I know if I will find any benefit form Friend-Spot.com?
Friend-Spot.com offers you the opportunity to sign-up for free to experience our online community first hand. You can view photos and profiles of other members and even chat directly in one of our chat rooms. We feel there is always room for developing new friendships, but as there is no cost to you to sign-up, please feel free to join and decide for yourself.

Will Friend-Spot.com sell my personal information?
No, we will not sell your personal information. We are confident you receive enough spam mail as is, and we have no interest in creating more spam for you.

What if I have other questions?
Please contact us directly through the Contact Us section of our site. We will promptly reply to any inquiries or comments you may have.