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New Years Eve

With the new year fast approaching, the number one question I hear is "So what are your plans for New Years Eve?". For many, including myself, deciding what to do for NYE can be a very daunting task. As such, we have asked around and complied a list of some of the top recommendations for bringing in the new year. The top recommendations we received were: 1. Keep it low key. Many of our surveyed state that they prefer to stay at home with a few of their closest family and friends while enjoying dinner/drinks and watching the ball drop. 2. Throw a bash. While some preferred a more low key evening, others suggested throwing a house party or going to a house party that included some form of entertainment. The number one form of entertainment were games, ie. Murder Mystery parties. 3. Ticketed Events. In many cities you will find many pre-arranged events specifically at hotels and restaurants. These events typically have a fixed cost and might include anything from appetizers, dinner, open bar, dancing, etc. For those new to a city or for those looking to make some new friends, this might be a good option as typically many different people are grouped together at the same table which allows more of a social interaction. 4. Dinner/Fireworks. Many people we surveyed mentioned they like to go out to dinner and then end the evening watching fireworks. You could check your local area to find the closest fireworks show. 5. The bar/club. The bar/club has always been a favorite of many for those celebrating New Years Eve. Many bars on NYE offer a drink package for a fixed cost; some may even include food. Obviously, there are many more ways of celebrating New Years Eve than those mentioned above. Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions. Also, let us know how you have decided to celebrate New Years Eve 2011.

Top 10 Traits to maintain a healthy friendship

Friendships, just like any other relationship, require constant attention and hard work. Following are the Top 10 things we believe are necessary to maintain good friendships. 1. Give more! Focus on what you can give into a friendship versus what you can get out of them; If you are only concerned about who is giving more into the friendship then you really ought-to get your priorities in check and ask yourself if you are being a true friend to that person. 2. Motivate your friend: People like being all that they can be around other encouraging type people. Don’t drag your friend down, by always pointing out the negative. Real friends pump each other up so that everyone is able to reach their goals. 3. Always Forgive: It always hurts before it turns into anger; then comes the grudge. Let go and move on. You’ll be sure to destroy your friendship if you can’t work past it. 4. Be Nice! Or at least say it Nicely: If you see mistakes being made by your friend, don’t walk away and write them off. With the mind-set of being sensitive to their feelings, tell them, but don’t drill in and harp on it all the time. If they value your friendship and care about your suggestion, they will listen and appreciate you even saying something. 5. Be There: If you say you’re going to do something, or be somewhere, then DO IT or SHOW UP! 6. Loosen your Grip: Of course it can be fun to spend time with your friend, but don’t feel threatened when they want to hang out with other people. If you’re as good of friends as you think you are, then your friendship will endure the time apart. 7. In Good times – In Bad times: What goes up must come down. Show your friend you’ll always be there for them regardless of the situation. What your friend needs is a sympathetic ear, and someone who understands their feelings. 8. Learn to Chill it: If you are upset about something don’t be quick on evaluating other people at that moment. Let yourself calm down so you can better assess the situation and so things are clearer. 9. SHHhhhhh…: Know when a friend is telling you something top secret, they trust you and you cannot go running your mouth to others. Trust is everything. 10. Don’t beat that dead horse: Let’s move on. Your desire to win an argument may ruin your friendship so just let it go, before they let you go. Please let us know your thoughts by discussing this topic further in our Forum area. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Dean


We would like to officially introduce everyone to After a lot of hard work and dedication, we are finally able to take our vision of live!! There was a vision behind and that vision was to create an online community that would allow individuals and couples a new alternative in meeting and making new friends. Friendship can mean something different to each of us, but whatever your definition, we are confident that will help you find it. This week, I will be discussing one of our original driving factors in creating; the limited options for a couple to meet another couple. We have recently done a survey, and the results showed that most couples met other couples primarily through work. But what happens when the options you do have through work do not pan out, or even worse, your options from work are limited or non-existent? I am sure most couples can recall a time when they were hanging out with another couple for the first time and questioning the foursome’s compatibility; I know I can!! There are a lot of factors and personalities that need to be overcome before a couple can meet that compatible couple to become friends with. I came across a great Article in Ladies Home Journal, that gives perfect examples of just a few of the obstacles that couples encounter. We realize how daunting it can be to meet another couple that is compatible with you and your significant other. Login or sign-up for today and start making new friends. It's totally free for a limited time! Dean T Co-Founder of Please check back frequently for new posts.